Heat Shrink Solder Butt Connectors YELLOW - Per Pack

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With ATP, achieve a seamless fusion between innovation and reliability.

Material Composition:

Insulation: The insulation is designed using high-grade Polyethylene, ensuring robust protection against environmental adversities, and enhancing the connector's lifespan.

Solder Ring with Flux: At the core of the connector lies a solder ring infused with flux. This ensures a perfect, hassle-free soldering experience every time, guaranteeing a solid and dependable connection.

Glue Ring Adhesive: A dedicated glue ring adhesive, when heated, forms a watertight and tamper-proof seal, ensuring the integrity of the connection and keeping environmental threats at bay.

Key Features:

Shrinkable Temperature: Expertly crafted to contract and form a secure bond in the temperature range of +125°C to 180°C.

Operating Range: Built for versatility, these connectors function flawlessly between -45°C to +125°C, catering to a wide array of environmental conditions.

Voltage Capacity: Designed for diverse electrical setups, they can accommodate voltages up to 600V with ease.


Superior Sealing: The combination of the adhesive glue ring and polyethene insulation offers an impervious seal, ensuring a moisture-free and oxidation-resistant connection.

Effortless Soldering: The embedded flux within the solder ring ensures a smooth soldering experience, eliminating the need for external flux and guaranteeing a reliable connection.

Diverse Applications: Thanks to its comprehensive temperature and voltage range, it's suitable for various electrical scenarios.

Longevity: The harmony of Polyethylene, solder, and adhesive guarantees resistance against potential external deteriorations, promising extended product life.

Trust ATP's Heat Shrink Solder Butt Connectors for a fusion of unmatched reliability and innovation. Perfect your electrical connections with the very best in the industry. Rely on ATP — were quality meets functionality.

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