PTFE Tape BS4375 (Suitable for Water) W.R.A.S Approved 12mm x 12m x 0.075mm Thickness IN WHITE PLASTIC SPOOL - Per Pack

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This ten-pack of premium PTFE (poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene) tape, commonly known as Teflon tape, is meticulously designed for gas fittings, making it perfect for all commonly used gases and liquids. The rolls are crafted to resist nearly all chemicals, ensuring the prevention of fluid and pressure losses.

With exceptional adhesive properties, they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Distinguished by its yellow hue, the tape is particularly recommended for gas and hot water pipes. Its extra thickness meets the compliance standards of BS.EN.751-3 1997.


Material: PTFE (Teflon tape)

Colour: Yellow, indicating its aptness for gas and hot water pipes

Dimensions: 12m x 12mm, with a thickness of 0.75mm

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