CAUTION ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW Tape 150mm x 365m - Per Pack

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Presenting Our Safety-First "CAUTION ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW" Tape

An Essential for Every Construction and Electrical Work!


1. Bold Warning: The tape's clear "CAUTION ELECTRIC CABLE BELOW" message ensures no accidental dig-ins, preventing potential accidents.

2. Durable Material: Made from high-quality material, this tape can withstand environmental challenges and remains visible for an extended duration.

3. Highly Visible Design: The bright colour and bold text ensures it grabs attention immediately, ensuring safety precautions are taken.

4. Resistant to Elements: Whether it's heat, rain, or cold, our tape remains resilient and retains its integrity.

5. Easy to Apply: Simple to unroll and lay down, it adheres well to most surfaces without curling or bubbling.

6. Wide Application: It's a must for construction sites, areas with underground electrical installations, or any zone where electric cables are present beneath the ground.

7. Extended Length: Provides ample length for coverage, ensuring large areas can be marked with ease.

Use Cases: Perfect for marking areas where electrical cables lie underneath, like construction sites, public work projects, or home renovations. This tape is a standard for electricians, construction workers, and homeowners. 

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