Cable Tie Tensioner & Cutter for Nylon Ties Upto 4..8mm - Per Pack

Sale price£17.76


Presenting the ultimate Cable Tie Tensioner and cutter, precision-designed for efficient tensioning and cutting of nylon ties up to 4.8mm!


1. Dual Functionality: Seamlessly tension and cut nylon ties with a single tool, improving workflow and efficiency.

2. Precision Engineered: Crafted to provide a tight, secure grip on nylon ties without causing damage or over-tightening.

3. Clean Cuts: Equipped with a sharp, robust cutter that ensures a clean cut, eliminating sharp edges that could cause injuries.

4. Ergonomic Design: Features an easy-grip handle that reduces hand fatigue, making it perfect for extended use.

5. Adjustable Tension: Comes with a tension adjustment knob to cater to varying tie widths and desired tension levels.

6. Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand regular use, ensuring longevity.

7. Safety Lock: Integrated with a safety lock mechanism to prevent unintentional releases.

Use Cases: Ideal for electricians, cable management professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who frequently works with nylon ties. This tool is perfect for organizing cables, securing bundles, or any other application where nylon ties are essential. 

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