Copper Tube Ratchet Crimper Range: 1.5mm²-16mm² - Per Pack

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Presenting Our State-of-the-Art Copper Tube Ratchet Crimper - Precision Crimping for Copper Tubes!


1. Specialised Design: Exclusively crafted for copper tubes, offering precision and uniformity in every crimp.

2. Ratchet Mechanism: Provides consistent crimping pressure, guaranteeing a reliable and robust seal with every application.

3. Wide Crimping Range: Accommodates a variety of copper tube sizes, ensuring versatility and adaptability for diverse projects.

4. Ergonomic Design: Features comfortably contoured handles, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring efficient operation during prolonged use.

5. Durable Construction: Manufactured from high-grade materials, this crimper promises durability and long-term performance.

6. Quick-release Mechanism: Enables seamless operation, ensuring that the tool doesn't jam, for a smooth crimping process every time.

7. Adjustable Compression Settings: Tailor the compression force to match specific copper tube sizes and project requirements.

Use Cases: Ideal for plumbing, refrigeration, and HVAC professionals. Whether you're installing water lines, sealing refrigerant tubes, or undertaking heating projects, our Copper Tube Ratchet Crimper is your go-to tool. 

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