ATP MC4 Professional Solar Crimping Tool 2.5mm-6mm

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Introducing the A-2546B MC4 Solar Photovoltaic Crimping Tool, designed for superior performance and ease of use in solar PV installations. Our high-precision ratchet mechanism delivers 1.2 metric tons of pressure at the crimping face with minimal hand effort, ensuring consistent, high-quality crimps every time.

Key Features:

  • High-Precision Ratchet Mechanism: Engineered to deliver 1.2 metric tons of pressure, ensuring precise and reliable crimps with minimal hand effort.
  • Interchangeable High-Precision Crimping Die Set: Versatile and adaptable to different terminal sizes, offering flexibility for various solar PV applications.
  • Interchangeable Magnetic Locator: Ensures precision positioning of terminals, enhancing the accuracy and quality of crimps.
  • Ratchet Release Point: Provides a safety release mechanism in case of user error during crimping, preventing damage to the tool and terminals.
  • Wide Crimping Range: Suitable for 2.5/4/6mm² (AWG 14/12/10) terminals, making it ideal for a broad range of solar PV installation needs.

Included Components:

A-2546B MC4 Solar Photovoltaic Crimping Pliers: Specifically designed for crimping MC4 solar connectors with high precision.

Solar Kit:

  • Cable Stripper: Accommodates 0.9-6.0mm solar cables with a maximum stripping length of 30mm, ensuring clean and accurate stripping.
  • Accessories: Includes a pair of solar terminal screws for secure and reliable connections.

Why Choose Our MC4 Solar Crimping Tool?

Our A-2546B MC4 Solar Photovoltaic Crimping Tool is built for professionals who demand the best in their solar PV installations. The combination of high-precision mechanics, user-friendly features, and robust design ensures that your crimping tasks are completed efficiently and to the highest standards. Whether you're installing new solar panels or maintaining existing systems, this tool provides the reliability and performance you need.

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