Premium Black Cable Ties 370mm x 3.6mm - Pack of 100

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What makes them premium?

These cable ties have a higher nylon content than standard cable ties. Making them more durable, less likely to snap and longer lasting.

Simplify your cable management with our meticulously crafted Standard Cable Ties, designed for secure and versatile cable organisation.

These indispensable ties, renowned for their exceptional quality, are suitable for a wide range of applications, from DIY projects to industrial cable control, ensuring unmatched efficiency and reliability in one package.

Our Standard Cable Ties herald an era of well-organised and securely fastened cables, and their superior quality ensures long-lasting performance.

Bid farewell to cable chaos and place your trust in these dependable ties to provide efficient and high-quality cable organisation.

Whether you're in your workshop or managing cables in a professional setting, these standard ties offer the perfect solution for securing and organising your cables with ease.

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