Tubular Copper Terminals for 240mm² Cable - 20mm Stud - Pack of 10

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Copper tube terminals with a bell mouth are specially designed electrical connectors for securely attaching a copper cable to equipment like electrical appliances, switchgears, or circuit breakers.

Made of high-conductivity copper, they ensure minimal resistance and optimal electrical flow. The flared or "bell mouth" opening allows for easier insertion of fine-stranded conductors, reducing the risk of wire strands being cut off during the crimping process and ensuring a more secure connection.

These terminals are widely used in electrical installations where a solid connection is crucial. When crimped onto the end of a cable, they guarantee a durable connection. Benefits include enhanced safety from a proper crimp reducing risks of loose wires, durability due to copper's corrosion resistance, and excellent electrical conductivity for efficient power transmission.

They're ideal for high-power applications or where vibration might compromise a connection, especially in industries like energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

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