Blue Heat Shrink Female Spade 6.3mm - Pack of 100

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Crafted with the utmost precision and tailored for excellence, these terminals blend reliability with functionality.


Material Composition: Conductor: Fashioned using superior-grade Brass, it ensures outstanding electrical conductivity, which is vital for a dependable connection.

Sleeve: Comprised of a Copper tubular design, it guarantees consistent performance and robustness.

Insulation: Incorporates Polyethylene which stands out for its resilience, providing an impeccable shield against various external elements, safeguarding the connection.

Plating: Tin plating comes into play for an additional layer of defence against corrosion, enhancing the terminal's life expectancy.

Key Features:

Adhesive Lining: The lining is equipped with a hot melt adhesive which, when subjected to heat, ensures an unparalleled seal.

Shrinkable Temperature: Tailored to shrink efficiently in the temperature range of +125°C to 180°C, ensuring a firm and intact seal.

Operating Range: These terminals have been designed to operate effectively in temperatures ranging between -45°C to +125°C, denoting their adaptability to varied environments.

Voltage Capacity: Can function safely in applications with a maximum of 600V.

Effortless Installation: With a design focus on user ease, these terminals require minimal insertion force, ensuring hassle-free crimping, while still providing a steadfast termination.


Resistant Seal: The adhesive lining provides a barrier against moisture, ensuring the connection remains moisture and corrosion-free.

Elevated Durability: With Brass, Polyethylene, and Tin at its core, the terminal promises resistance to wear, signifying a prolonged service life.

Versatile Application: Its expansive temperature and voltage ratings make it a fit for a wide spectrum of electrical applications.

With the ATP Heat Shrink Female Spade Fully Insulated Terminals, you're not just investing in a product but a promise of quality, endurance, and unparalleled performance. Our dedication to innovation and quality drives us to deliver nothing short of the best for all your electrical requirements.

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