Blue Heat Shrink Ring 120mm - Pack of 100

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These terminals reflect ATP's dedication to quality and innovation, offering unparalleled connection stability and durability.

Material Composition:

Conductor: Crafted from top-notch Copper, ensuring maximum electrical conductivity crucial for a steadfast connection.

Insulation: Comprising Polyethylene, renowned for its lasting durability, safeguarding the connection against potential environmental factors.

Plating: Enhanced with Tin plating, it offers an added layer of protection against corrosion, boosting the terminal's lifespan.

Key Features:

Adhesive Lining: Equipped with a distinctive hot melt adhesive lining that, when exposed to heat, forms a watertight seal, keeping the connection impervious to moisture and external elements.

Shrinkable Temperature: Immaculately designed to shrink efficiently between +125°C to 180°C, providing a sturdy and sealed connection.

Operating Range: Showcasing its adaptability by seamlessly functioning within temperatures of -45°C to +125°C, making it adaptable for varied environments.

Voltage Capacity: Capable of safely handling voltages up to 600V, increasing its versatility across different electrical scenarios.

Efficient Installation: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, these terminals demand minimal insertion effort, facilitating easy crimping and guaranteeing a rock-solid termination.


Watertight Connection: The specialized adhesive lining ensures protection against moisture infiltration, keeping the connection free from corrosion.

Prolonged Durability: The unique combination of Copper, Polyethylene, and Tin ensures resistance against external wear and tear, promising extended product longevity.

Versatility: Its broad temperature and voltage compatibility spectrum makes it an ideal choice for numerous electrical applications.

Entrusting in ATP's Heat Shrink Ring Terminals translates to opting for a product that stands for quality, resilience, and unmatched efficiency. Our unwavering dedication to perfection ensures we cater to all your electrical connection requisites with the finest solutions.

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