Yellow Heat Shrink Fork 5.0mm - Pack of 100

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Designed with precision, these terminals effortlessly combine functionality and reliability, offering an impeccable connection solution for diverse requirements.

Material Composition:

Conductor: Made from premium-grade Copper, this ensures optimal electrical conductivity which is pivotal for a steadfast connection.

Insulation: Using Polyethylene, it stands out for its durability, ensuring a robust shield against potential external threats, thus maintaining connection integrity.

Plating: Tin plating is incorporated to provide an additional protective layer against corrosion, enhancing the terminal's longevity.

Key Features:

Adhesive Lining: Equipped with a hot melt adhesive lining that, when subjected to heat, creates a waterproof seal ensuring the connection remains resistant to moisture and other elements.

Shrinkable Temperature: Precision-crafted to shrink efficiently within the temperature range of +125°C to 180°C, ensuring a robust and sealed connection.

Operating Range: Designed to operate seamlessly within temperatures from -45°C to +125°C, showcasing its adaptability across diverse environments.

Voltage Capacity: Designed to handle up to a maximum of 600V safely, making it versatile across various electrical applications.

Effortless Installation: Prioritizing user convenience, these terminals are engineered to require minimal insertion force, promoting easy crimping, and ensuring a rock-solid termination.


Watertight Seal: The adhesive lining guarantees protection against moisture infiltration, ensuring the connection remains corrosion-free.

Extended Durability: The combination of Copper, Polyethylene, and Tin ensures that the terminal offers resistance against wear and tear, leading to extended product life.

Broad Application Spectrum: The wide range of temperature and voltage compatibility ensures its suitability for a myriad of electrical applications.

Investing in ATP's Heat Shrink Fork Terminals means banking on a product that promises quality, endurance, and unparalleled efficiency. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures we meet all your electrical connection needs with top-tier solutions.

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