Yellow Heat Shrink Tab (Male) 6.3mm - Pack of 100

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These terminals manifest ATP's commitment to excellence, ensuring top-tier electrical connections every time.

Material Composition:

Conductor: Made from superior-quality Brass, guaranteeing optimal electrical conductivity, a fundamental element for a dependable connection.

Sleeve: Incorporating a Copper tubular sleeve, enhances the terminal's integrity and robustness.

Insulation: Using Polyethylene, a durable material known to offer long-lasting protection against external environmental threats.

Plating: Augmented with Tin plating, providing an additional defence layer against corrosion and increasing the terminal's longevity.

Key Features:

Adhesive Lining: Featuring a specialized hot melt adhesive lining, which, upon heating, establishes a moisture-resistant seal, shielding the connection from external elements.

Shrinkable Temperature: Perfectly engineered to shrink within the range of +125°C to 180°C, producing a firm and watertight connection.

Operating Range: Demonstrates its flexibility by operating efficiently within the temperature range of -45°C to +125°C, catering to a plethora of environments.

Voltage Capacity: Competently manages voltages up to a maximum of 600V, broadening its applicability across diverse electrical settings.

Installation Ease: Crafted for user convenience, these terminals require minimal effort for insertion, ensuring effortless crimping and delivering a steadfast termination.


Watertight Sealing: The unique adhesive lining guarantees moisture protection, maintaining a corrosion-free connection.

Extended Durability: The synergistic blend of Brass, Polyethylene, Copper, and Tin ensures resistance against external elements, promising an extended product lifespan.

Versatility at its Best: Its expansive temperature and voltage adaptability make it a go-to choice for a range of electrical applications.

By opting for ATP's Heat Shrink Male Blade Terminals, you're choosing a product that embodies quality, durability, and unparalleled efficiency. We at ATP are devoted to perfection, ensuring we meet all your electrical connection needs with the best solutions.

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