Line Marking Spray Aerosol Orange 750ml

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Introducing 'One Line' Aerosol Paint: The Ultimate Solution for Precise Line Marking. Our 750ml cans deliver unmatched accuracy, durability, and ease of use for all your line marking needs. Whether it's for sports fields, parking lots, or construction sites, achieve professional-grade results with just one stroke. Shop now and experience the difference with 'One Line'.

  • Suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, gravel and grass
  • Drys in 30 minutes - fully cured in 24 hours
  • Permanent spray
  • Lasts  4-6 months
  • Improved Formulation
  • Brighter Colours
  • Better Application
  • Cleaner Lines
  • Better Durability
  • Higher Viscosity Paint
  • Total coverage of around 90-160m (160 being in an ideal test environment)
  • Can be used by hand
  • Can be used in the woods
  • Length - 345mm
  • Width - 60mm

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