Cello Tape 24mm x 66m (CLEAR) 40 Micron Thickness - Per Pack

Sale price£3.42


Constructed from OPP (Oriented polypropylene) film and enhanced with acrylic adhesive, these premium quality cello tape/Sellotape rolls are transparent, making them versatile for multiple uses.

Whether you're sealing cartons, boxes, bags, or parcels, this tape guarantees a robust, durable, and clear seal. Its high adhesive strength ensures it sticks easily and remains in place.

Conveniently easy to tear, it's ideal for both household and business needs. With an excellent bonding ability, it adheres well to almost every surface, making it a go-to for a plethora of sealing, mending, and even creative applications. Whether for stationary requirements, sealing tasks, or artistic projects, this tape delivers reliable performance.

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