Parcel Tape 48mm x 66m (CLEAR) 40 Micron Thickness - Pack of 6

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This parcel tape is versatile, catering to a range of uses, particularly in sealing packages to ensure they're securely delivered. Measuring at a width of 48mm, or approximately 2 inches, the tape provides ample coverage for your packaging needs. Its optimal performance is between temperatures of 15°C and 65°C, making it a reliable choice for various environments.

Dubbed as the "Brown - High Adhesion" packing tape, it's crafted to be longer than the average tapes at 66m, and with a quality thickness of 45 microns. The high-tack acrylic adhesive ensures that it bonds well, while its UV and moisture-resistant properties guarantee a long-lasting, durable seal. Additionally, the tape remains clear of yellowing, even when exposed to UV rays for extended durations.

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