PARCEL TAPE GUN Suitable for 48mm x 66m Tapes - Per Pack

Sale price£5.52


Parcel Tape Gun Materials Frame: High-impact plastic Roller: Rubber Blade: Stainless steel

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Adjustable tension brake for tape speed control
  • Universal fit for most standard tape rolls


  • Speeds up the taping process
  • Ensures consistent and smooth tape application
  • Safety-enhanced blade positioning
  • Durable construction Operating


1. Load tape with adhesive side facing down.
2. Thread tape through the smaller roller and over the blade.
3. Adjust the tension brake to the desired tape release speed.
4. Use smooth motion to avoid bubbles or wrinkles.
5. Gently use the blade for clean tape cuts.

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