Self-Amalgamating/High Voltage Tape 19mm x 5m - Per Pack

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Your Ultimate Solution for Electrical Insulation and Repairs!


1. Self-Amalgamating Technology: When stretched and wrapped, this tape forms a cohesive bond with itself, creating a waterproof, airtight seal.

2. Superior Electrical Insulation: Designed specifically for high-voltage applications, it insulates up to 69kV, ensuring safety and reliability.

3. UV & Weather Resistant: Whether exposed to direct sunlight or heavy rain, our tape stands firm, offering protection against UV rays and adverse weather.

4. Heat Resistant: Capable of enduring temperatures from -55°C to +80°C, this tape is fit for a variety of environments.

5. Exceptional Stretch: Its elastic properties allow for a snug fit, ensuring optimum insulation even on irregular shapes.

6. Chemical Resistant: It withstands exposure to solvents, oils, and various chemicals, making it a staple for industrial and automotive use.

7. Durable & Long-Lasting: Made for heavy-duty tasks, its robust build promises longevity and resilience.

Use Cases: Ideal for insulating high-voltage cables, sealing joints, waterproofing, and general electrical maintenance. It's a must-have for electricians, engineers, and DIY enthusiasts looking for a dependable and versatile tape solution. 

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