Red Female Spade 2.8mm F/I terminals - Pack of 100

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Experience premium electrical connectivity with our Red Female Spade 6.3mm Fully Insulated terminals. Expertly designed and manufactured with precision, these terminals cater to diverse electrical applications, ensuring a dependable connection in every use.

Technical Specifications:

Conductor: High-quality
Brass Sleeve: Durable Copper tubular design
Insulation: Resilient Vinyl
Plating: Corrosion-resistant Tin Operating
Temperature: -10°C to +75°C
Voltage Rating: Up to 300V

Current Rating:

Red: Suitable for up to 10A
Blue: Suitable for up to 15A
Yellow: Suitable for up to 24A

Key Features:

Flared Barrel Design: Simplifies the process of wire insertion, making your work efficient.

Optimized Design: Requires low insertion force, ensuring easy crimping and a steadfast termination.

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