Red Low Voltage Connector terminals - Pack of 100

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Material Specifications:

Conductor: Precision-moulded from premium Brass, recognized for its exceptional electrical conductivity and lasting durability.

Insulation: High-quality Nylon, designed to offer sustained protection against external elements and ensure user safety.

Plating: A Tin layer that safeguards the connector from potential corrosion, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance.

Temperature Tolerance: Excellently crafted to function seamlessly within a temperature bracket of -40°C to +105°C, making it versatile across various conditions.

Voltage Capacity: Perfectly equipped to handle voltages up to a ceiling of 600V, ensuring adaptability for diverse electrical frameworks.


Seamless Integration: These connectors are specifically designed to ensure secure and efficient electrical splicing, thereby offering a reliable solution for a multitude of applications.

Rely on the impeccable engineering and superior craftsmanship of our In-line Splice Connectors for robust and dependable electrical connections in any setting.

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