LUCAR Type Fully/I Female Blade 6.3mm - Pack of 100

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Meticulously designed for optimal performance and durability.

Material Specifications:

Conductor: Constructed using top-notch Brass, guaranteeing superior electrical conductivity, and lasting durability.

Insulation: Integrated with high-calibre Nylon, offering an impressive shield against potential damage, and assuring maximum user safety.

Plating: Fortified with a Tin layer, ensuring resistance to wear and corrosion, thereby promising steady and dependable performance.

Temperature Range: Ingeniously designed to function flawlessly between -40°C to +105°C, showcasing its adaptability across diverse environments.

Voltage Compatibility: Safely rated to accommodate voltages up to a peak of 300V, making it an adaptable choice for various electrical configurations.

Key Features:

User-friendly Design: The Flared barrel is innovatively designed to simplify wire insertion, leading to a strong and reliable connection with minimal hassle.

Specific Connector Design: LUCAR Type F/I female Blade 6.3mm, tailored specifically for applications where precision and reliability are paramount.

Female Quick Disconnects represent the pinnacle of precise engineering, delivering robust and trustworthy electrical connections across a wide range of applications.

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