Closed End Connector (medium) terminals - Pack of 100

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When it comes to securing multiple wire connections, our Closed End Connectors set the industry standard. Designed for precision and durability, these small terminals ensure a dependable electrical junction.

Material Specifications:

Conductor: Made of high-quality Copper, our connectors offer exceptional electrical conductivity, guaranteeing efficient and stable performance.

Insulation: Crafted with premium-grade Nylon, our connectors provide an added layer of protection, ensuring longevity and safety during application.

Plating: Enhanced with a Tin coating, these connectors resist corrosion and wear, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Temperature Range: Expertly engineered to operate seamlessly between -40°C to +105°C, making them versatile across various environments.

Voltage Compatibility: Safely designed to handle voltages up to 600V max, these connectors can be trusted in diverse electrical settings.

Features and Benefits:

Versatile Usage: Ideal for a range of applications including automotive, home electrical systems, and industrial machinery.

Secure Connections: These connectors provide a tight seal, safeguarding against potential disconnections.

Our Closed End Connector terminals, available in a pack of 100, represent precision, safety, and reliability. Rely on ATP's expertise and quality assurance for unparalleled performance.

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