Un-insulated Female Spade Terminals 2.5mm2 - Pack of 100

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Crafted with precision and expertise, these terminals ensure long-lasting performance and a trustworthy connection.

Specifications for Models: UNFS63-1.5, UNFS63-2.5, and UNFS2.5LK

Material Composition:

Conductor: Premium-quality Brass ensures enhanced conductivity and a durable connection.

Plating: The Tin plating augments corrosion resistance and enhances the terminal's lifespan.

Noteworthy Feature: The UNFS2.5LK model comes equipped with a locking notch, further enhancing the terminal's grip and security.

Specifications for Model: UNFS63LB2.5

Material Composition:

The Conductor is meticulously constructed using high-grade Brass, offering optimal conductivity and reliability.

Distinct Feature: Recognized by its locking notch, this model stands out for its added security and precise fit.

Key Benefits:

Superior Conductivity: Thanks to the Brass construction, our terminals ensure consistent electrical flow.

Corrosion Resistance: The Tin plating on specific models prevents oxidation, ensuring a longer service life.

Enhanced Security: The locking notch in select models guarantees a snug fit and reduces the risk of disconnection.

Rely on ATP's Uninsulated Disconnects for a hassle-free and efficient connection experience. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive a product that meets the highest industry standards. Whether you're working on a complex electrical setup or need a quick fix, ATP's Uninsulated Disconnects are the answer.

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