Red Butt Connector 3.3mm terminals - Pack of 100

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Experience top-tier electrical connectivity with our meticulously crafted terminals. Made with industry-standard materials and designed for reliable performance, these terminals are a must-have for professionals seeking dependable electrical connections.

Technical Specifications:

Conductor: Composed of high-grade Brass for efficient electricity conduction.

Insulation: Made with robust Vinyl to ensure safety and durability.

Plating: Coated with anti-corrosive Tin for longevity.

Operating Temperature: Suitable for a range of -10°C to +75°C.

Voltage Rating: Can handle up to a substantial 600V.

Current Rating:

Red: Optimally rated for up to 19A.
Blue: Efficiently rated for up to 27A.
Yellow: Capable of supporting up to 48A.

Distinctive Features:

Flared Barrel Design: Facilitates the effortless insertion of wires, ensuring a smooth experience.

Wire Stop Mechanism: Ingeniously designed to guarantee the correct positioning of wires every single time.

Ease of Use: These terminals are not only easy to insert but also ensure a firm grip, thanks to the low insertion force. The design prioritizes ease of crimping while ensuring a sturdy and secure termination.

Whether you're engaged in complex industrial projects or simple household electrical fixes, these terminals promise a seamless and trustworthy connection. Prioritize safety, efficiency, and reliability with our top-notch terminals.

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