Red Piggy-back 6.3mm terminals - Pack of 100

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Material Composition:

Conductor: Crafted from quality Brass, ensuring excellent electrical conductivity and durability.

Sleeve: Featuring a Copper tubular design that boosts overall terminal strength and effectiveness.

Insulation: Complemented with a Vinyl layer, enhancing safety and product longevity.

Plating: A layer of Tin reinforces resistance against wear and corrosion, guaranteeing lasting performance.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Temperature: Reliable performance in the range of -10°C to +75°C.

Voltage Capacity: Rated for up to 300V, accommodating a wide array of electrical needs.

Current Ratings:

Red Disconnect: 10A
Blue Disconnect: 15A
Yellow Disconnect: 24A

Key Features:

Flared Barrel Design: Streamlines wire insertion, offering a hassle-free installation process.

User-Friendly: Built for ease, these disconnects require minimal force for insertion and deliver smooth crimping, resulting in steadfast connections consistently.

Special Feature: Products with an "L" suffix on the Item Number include an extended internal copper sleeve for additional utility.

Opt for our Piggy Back Quick Disconnects to ensure efficient and dependable electrical connections in your projects.

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