Red Socket 4.0mm Female terminals - Pack of 100

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Material Specifications:

Conductor: Premium Brass, ensuring optimal electrical conductivity and resilience.

Sleeve: Tubular Copper composition, enhancing the terminal's physical robustness and electrical connection integrity.

Insulation: High-quality Vinyl, designed for long-lasting protection and safety.

Plating: Tin coating, offering resistance against potential oxidation and ensuring consistent performance.

Temperature Adaptability: Designed for efficient operation from -10°C to +75°C.

Voltage Compatibility: Rated for a maximum of 300V, making it suitable for diverse electrical configurations.

Current Capacities:

Red Variant: 10A
Blue Variant: 15A
Yellow Variant: 24A

Design Advantages:

Easy Wire Insertion: The barrel's flared structure facilitates seamless wire insertion, streamlining the installation process.

Effortless Crimping: Engineered for low insertion force, ensuring both simple and reliable crimping for solid electrical connections.

Extended Sleeve Option: Items marked with an "L" suffix in their product number boast a longer internal copper sleeve, addressing specific installation demands.

Rely on the unmatched efficiency and durability of our Bullet Female Quick Disconnects for all your electrical interface requirements.

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