Blue Ring 5.3mm (2BA) terminals - Pack of 100

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Material Composition:

Conductor: Expertly crafted from high-grade Copper to guarantee optimum conductivity and long-lasting durability.

Insulation: Reinforced with a Vinyl layer that enhances the terminal's overall lifespan while providing added safety.

Plating: A Tin coat bolsters resistance to corrosion, ensuring the product remains effective over extended use.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Temperature: These terminals are robust and dependable, operating efficiently within a range of -10°C to +75°C.

Voltage Capacity: Certified to manage up to 600V, they cater to a broad array of electrical requirements.

Current Ratings:

Red Terminal: 19A
Blue Terminal: 27A
Yellow Terminal: 48A

Key Features:

Flared Barrel Design: Facilitates effortless wire insertion, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation experience.

User-Friendly: Each terminal is optimized for minimal insertion force and smooth crimping, leading to consistent secure and steadfast connections.

Choose our Ring Terminals for unparalleled electrical reliability and performance in your ventures.

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