Blue Bullet Receptable 4.0mm terminals - Pack of 100

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Material Attributes:

Conductor: Premium-grade Brass, designed for superior electrical conductivity and lasting durability.

Sleeve: Tubular Copper construction, enhancing the terminal's mechanical strength and electrical connection.

Insulation: Robust Vinyl cover, ensuring both safety and a prolonged service life.

Plating: Protective Tin coat, safeguarding against potential corrosion and promoting sustained performance.

Operating Temperature Range: Engineered for efficient performance from -10°C up to +75°C.

Voltage Tolerance: Certified to manage voltages as high as 300V, addressing a wide range of electrical setups.

Current Capacities:

Red Variant: 10A
Blue Variant: 15A
Yellow Variant: 24A

Special Features:

User-friendly Barrel Design: Features a flared structure for hassle-free wire insertion, ensuring swift installation.

Optimal Connectivity: Designed for minimal insertion force, enabling easy yet firm crimping for a steadfast electrical link.

Extended Sleeve Option: Products specified with an "L" suffix in the item number are equipped with a longer internal copper sleeve, catering to specialized installation needs.

Trust in the reliability and efficiency of our Bullet Male Quick Disconnects for all your electrical connection needs.

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