Blue Flag Terminals 6.3mm - Pack of 100

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Material Specifications:

Conductor: Crafted from premium Brass, known for its superior electrical conductivity and resilience.

Insulation: Top-grade Nylon, ensuring long-lasting protection against environmental factors and providing enhanced safety.

Plating: Protective Tin coating, defending against potential corrosion while ensuring steadfast performance.

Temperature Range: Excellently designed to operate efficiently between -40°C and +105°C, accommodating a wide range of environments.

Voltage Suitability: Optimally rated for a maximum of 300V, adaptable for various electrical setups.

Key Features:

Easy Wire Insertion: The innovative flared barrel design simplifies the wire insertion process, ensuring a secure fit and saving time during installation.

Trust in the robust design and meticulous engineering of our Flag Female Quick Disconnects for all your pivotal electrical connection needs.

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