Yellow Blade 18.0x4.5mm terminals - Pack of 100

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Experience unparalleled electrical conductivity with our meticulously designed blade terminals. Fabricated with precision and resilience, these terminals are the epitome of electrical reliability, catering to diverse connectivity needs.

Technical Specifications:

Conductor: Crafted from high-purity Copper, ensuring efficient electrical conduction.
Insulation: Fortified with durable Vinyl to ensure a combination of safety and longevity.

Plating: Enhanced with corrosion-resistant Tin for extended durability.

Operating Temperature: Ranging from -10°C to +75°C, ideal for various environments.

Voltage Rating: Withstands up to a robust 600V.

Current Rating:

Red: Rated for up to 19A.
Blue: Designed for up to 27A.
Yellow: Capable of a substantial 48A.

Key Features:

Flared Barrel Design: Simplifies the wire insertion process, providing an efficient experience.

Effortless Usability: These terminals require minimal insertion force, ensuring easy crimping and, importantly, a secure and robust termination.

Equip yourself with our blade terminals to ensure secure, reliable, and efficient electrical connections for both industrial and household projects. Commit to excellence with our unparalleled terminals.

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