Yellow Tab (male) 6.3mm terminals - Pack of 100

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Material Composition:

Conductor: Fabricated from top-grade Brass, ensuring unparalleled electrical conductivity and extended lifespan.

Sleeve: Incorporating a Copper tubular design, heightening the terminal's structural integrity and performance.

Insulation: Protected with a Vinyl layer, increasing safety standards and durability of the disconnect.

Plating: Coated with Tin, offering added resilience against wear and potential corrosion, ensuring consistent performance.

Technical Specifications:

Operating Temperature: Built to operate efficiently between -10°C and +75°C.

Voltage Capacity: Capable of handling voltages up to 300V, catering to diverse electrical requirements.

Current Ratings:

Red Disconnect: 10A
Blue Disconnect: 15A
Yellow Disconnect: 24A

Key Features:

Flared Barrel Design: Simplifies the wire insertion process, making installations effortless and quick.

Efficiency in Design: These disconnects are optimized for low-force insertion and facilitate straightforward crimping, ensuring a solid and reliable connection every time.

Special Feature: Items marked with an "L" suffix in the product number feature a longer internal copper sleeve, providing additional versatility in applications.

Choose our Male Quick Disconnects when precision, reliability, and top-notch quality are paramount in your electrical endeavours.

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