Soudal Gap filler/ Expanding Foam Gun Grade 750ml

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Introducing our versatile All-Purpose Polyurethane B3 Foam Filler, a moisture-curing, self-expanding foam equipped with the innovative Genius Gun patented trigger mechanism. This mechanism ensures precise dosage, eliminating the need for an additional gun. Designed for one-handed operation, it is reusable for up to 6 weeks after the initial use.


  • Ideal for general-purpose filling of holes, gaps, and joints.
  • Adheres seamlessly to common building materials, exhibiting resistance to water, heat, and aging.
  • Can be easily cut, sanded, plastered, and painted after full cure.

Directions for Use:

  1. Vigorously shake the can for 30 seconds, repeating regularly for maximum yield.
  2. Improve adhesion and speed up curing by spraying water on surfaces.
  3. Flip open the cap, wear the provided gloves, and unclip the nozzle for one-handed operation.
  4. Use the nozzle upside down, pointing and pressing the trigger to control the foam extrusion speed.
  5. Fill gaps about 50%, as the foam continues to expand.
  6. Build up layers working upwards, spraying water in between for improved curing speed.
  7. After use, detach the bung from the cap and insert it at the end of the nozzle. Clip the cap back in place to lock the trigger.


  • In case of spillage, promptly remove with PU foam cleaner or acetone—avoid using water.
  • If the foam has cured, it can be removed by cutting or sanding or by applying PU foam remover.
  • Upgrade your filling and sealing tasks with our easy-to-use and efficient Polyurethane B3 Foam Filler—innovative, reliable, and versatile.

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