Unistrippers, Auto Cable Strippers/Cutter Range: 0.25-6.0mm² - Per Pack

Sale price£14.76


Introducing the Unistrippers, your one-stop solution for effortless stripping and cutting!


1. Multi-Functionality: Equipped to strip and cut various cable sizes with impeccable precision.

2. Self-Adjusting: Automatically adjusts to the cable’s size, eliminating the need for manual settings.

3. Superior Blades: The high-grade steel blades ensure clean cuts without causing any damage to the inner conductor.

4. Ergonomic Design: Fitted with comfortable grip handles for extended use without causing hand fatigue.

5. Built-in Cable Cutter: This comes with an integrated cutter, making it a versatile tool for your toolkit.

6. Durable Construction: Made with robust materials to withstand the rigours of daily use and extend the tool's lifespan.

7. Safety Features: Incorporated with a blade guard to reduce the risk of accidental injuries.

Use Cases: Ideal for electricians, telecom technicians, automotive professionals, and DIY enthusiasts.

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