Cable Tie Tensioner & Cutter for Nylon Ties Upto 9.0mm - Per Pack

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Introducing the advanced Cable Tie Tensioner & Cutter, meticulously crafted for the effective tensioning, and cutting of nylon ties up to 9.0mm in width!


1. Enhanced Capacity: Expertly designed to handle larger nylon ties, accommodating widths of up to 9.0mm with ease.

2. Precision Grip: Delivers an optimal grip on nylon ties, ensuring a snug fit without the risk of damage or over-tensioning.

3. Clean, Swift Cuts: Armed with a premium-grade cutter that guarantees neat and rapid cuts, eliminating any sharp protruding edges.

4. Comfort-Centric Design: Features a user-friendly handle, minimizing hand strain and ensuring comfort during extended operations.

5. Tension Customization: Equipped with an adjustable tension knob, facilitating customisation according to the tie width and the desired tension intensity.

6. Robust Construction: Manufactured with top-tier materials, ensuring it stands up to regular and rigorous use, promising a prolonged lifespan.

7. Integrated Safety Mechanism: Comes with a built-in safety lock feature to avert unintentional releases or mishaps.

Use Cases: A must-have tool for professionals in the cable management sector, electricians, DIY aficionados, and all who frequently employ nylon ties. Whether it's for cable organization, securing various bundles, or any other application requiring nylon ties, this tool is indispensable. 

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