Cable Tie Tensioner & Cutter for SS Cable Ties - Per Pack

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Introducing our premium-grade Cable Tie Tensioner & Cutter, exclusively designed for Stainless Steel Cable Ties! Delivering impeccable tensioning and precise cutting, it's the epitome of efficiency and durability.


1. Stainless Steel Mastery: Precision-engineered to handle the distinct properties of stainless-steel ties, offering perfect tension and a clean cut.

2. Unwavering Grip: Provides a firm grip on SS ties, ensuring ideal tensioning without causing damage or deformity.

3. Precision Cutting Edge: Incorporates a high-calibre cutter that delivers crisp, clean cuts without any jagged edges.

4. Ergonomically Designed: Features a user-friendly handle to ensure comfort and reduce user fatigue during prolonged operations.

5. Tension Adjustability: Comes equipped with a tension adjusting mechanism, enabling customization to achieve desired tension levels.

6. Robust Construction: Fabricated from top-notch materials to withstand the demands of SS ties and guarantee longevity.

7. Safety Ensured: Integrated with a safety catch to prevent inadvertent releases and offer enhanced user safety.

Use Cases: A must-have for professionals dealing with SS ties in industries like construction, telecommunications, marine, and more. From bundling cables in harsh environments to securing critical components, this tool is a game-changer.

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